Nico’s Journal 6 (?)

I’m not even going to dignify this with a title,

you don’t deserve that.

Because I tried to make it work, I labored and struggled with the puzzle pieces that would

and it wasn’t even a pleasant picture worth the attempt and turmoil.


From every angle I viewed the situation:

“Oh, perhaps if I stretch myself even thinner

all the cracks will be covered

and you will become beautiful again.”

I didn’t care about myself, only making you

and the caustic future of “us”

less painful,

more real.


I’m not going to dance around the issue,

you were (are) completely fucking crazy.

And I didn’t care! Was I the lunatic here?

I invested so much into you, so much of myself

that I didn’t see your frame of

beautifully pitiful stained glass.


Apparently my voice didn’t ring loud enough,

you certainly already had others in your head telling you otherwise.

One Response to “Nico’s Journal 6 (?)”

  1. Lisa says:

    This should be one of your choice poems,It seems very passionate and emotional. I like this angry side of you because it is real and unexpected. Like it’s coming from a personal place.I would listen to it at a reading. I would read it! The style you did in first stanza is awesome! Super Job 🙂